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WhereLever son Verre (ルヴェ ソン ヴェール 東京)

Size: 50 guests

Highlights: Ryo and Tianhao reached out to us about 3 weeks before their wedding date, asking if it was still possible to have a photo booth at their wedding party. As a photographer, I (Daniel) love taking photos at weddings and definitely wanted to help the bride and groom make their big day even more special.

PicTokyo was delighted to have our Photo Booth at Lever son Verre, at the University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus. The bride wanted a lot of flowers and greenery in the photos, so we designed the photo template with a green water color background and selected flowers for the Green Screen.

The bride's family came all the way from China to celebrate her big day. We were thankful that the weather that day was clear and gorgeous. Ryo and Tianhao will be starting their new life together in the U.S., so we wish them the best of luck on their next journey!


Below are some of the Green Screen photos and the photo template from the wedding!

If you're looking to have a photo booth for your wedding, feel free to contact us through here!

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