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One Company, Two Services


Capture exciting, creative memories of your event with our automatic photo booth that prints photos instantly!

Have a lot of taking photos, being silly, and making new connections at the event.

Promote your brand and market your events and products with our customizable SNS #hashtag printing service booth!

Gather all of the photos your guests take at your event, and print & share them with one unique #hashtag. Let your guests help make your event memorable and share it with others.


The Team

Meet the people behind PicTokyo!

Shoji Yamada

Born and raised in California, Shoji’s experience with both Japanese and American cultures has given him a special talent to discover new opportunities. He has started different businesses in the past and now, is the mastermind behind PicTokyo.

- Shoji Yamada
Daniel Tang

Daniel is a freelance photographer from California. He loves creative activities, including photography and music. He has a passion for art and wants to share his work to the world. He loves exercise: muscle training, scuba diving, jogging, and kickboxing.

- Daniel Tang